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Horse's we have Adopted At Penny Farm

Joseph ( Now adopting)


Joseph is a 2 yr old Skewbald who arrived at Penny Farm. He was brought in as part of a large welfare case which included 6 mares and 3 stallions.
when Joseph arrived, due to lack of care was lice ridden, and unhandled and still with his mother Mary. He was treated for lice infestation, and then as his mother was so thin (she was suckling joseph,as well as carrying another foal); Joseph was weaned as soon as possible. Initially he was nervous about being handled and had no confidence, but since his arrival he has received daily handling and he is now a relaxed youngster.
Joseph comes into the yard a few times a weekto continue with his handlingas well as being groomed and led around the yard and being introduced to pole work in the indoor school.

Rocky ( now being re-homed)

Name Rocky
Colour Piebald
Height 13.0hh
D.O.B 01/01/2008

When Rocky arrived at Penny farm he was very weak and had to be helped to his feet by staff on several occasions

when he arrived at penny farm

One of the immediate issues was to make sure Rocky had the nutrients in his diet that would help him gain weight and help his immune system, introducing Rocky to large amounts of feed straight away could well have led to serious problems because his sytem simply was not accustomed to a normal diet. He was feed little and often with vitamin and mineral supplement added to his food.
Rocky's coat was infested with lice , so his hair was clipped short as possibl;e and regularly treated with a spray to kill lice and eggs.The sores caused by Rocky rubbing the areas infected by lice were able to heal and the irritation soon eased.
The vet treated Rocky for worm and infestation that, with the lice had contributed to his anaemic condition.
After a few moths Rocky was able to go out into fields for a short time each day .
Once Rocky was signed over to World Horse Welfare he then spent the next few months out in the field gaining further weight and strength, mixing with his fellow geldings and adapting to life on Penny Farm
Although pleased with his overall weight gain, the physio felt he was lacking in muscle tone and strength. He now has a set of daily exercises, by walking over poles which are set at different widths and angles.

DOB 01/01/2004
Colour Piebald
Breed Cob
Height Est 14.2hh at maturity

How Starsky came into World Horse Welfare (penny Farm)

Starsky's mother came to penny Farm as part of a shocking welfare case in 2004.She was one of 18 ponies seized from a farm,where they were in a state of emaciation,and taken to Penny farm. Four of these proved to be mares in foal, but because they were terrible thin and suffering from worms,it took a lot of hard work from their dedicated team to ensure all of the mares and their four foals survived.


Starsky has been out on loan as part of youngster handling programme and is now back at Penny Farm for the intensive training he will need to become a ridden pony.
From such a shaky start in life, Starsky is doing very well, but he will need all the support from Penny Farm in the future.
Starsky is doing well with his training, he is being lunged and long reined and doing other basic groundwork exercise, to prepare him for ridden work. He is also doing some polework to develop his muscles and circular poles to help him learn how to bend. he has excepted his saddle and bridle and will soon be ready to be ridden for the first time
Update !!
Starsky has been successfully rehomed and has now left Penny farm, and will enjoy life with a caring new rehomer.

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